Joy of Being You
Joy of Being You
Joy of Being You

Welcome to a 10-week exploration of your self-expression with a pair or small group. Get surprised of what is possible in a shared intimate space on-line. You will receive an audio every week with a guided meditation that inspires you to find a new contact to your inner being and self. The most important relationship in your life is to your self! The human paradox is that we need a witness and a mirror from another person to really see ourselves. We exist in relationships and relationships offer the possibility for real transformation and personal evolution. 

Joy of Being You offers a safe space where you are both the witnessed and witness. This creates a very inspiring creative dynamic where you will get access to your creative self-expression in a new way. To borrow the words of a previous JoBY participant: "When I read my own previous posts I often was amazed about what this man had written. JoBY gave me a new and more accurate picture of my self than I had before" 

Many of us carry a false inner perception of ourselves and our creative expression. Now is the time for you to renew your beliefs about who you really are. Step into the magical space of Joy of Being You and invite your partner, friend or anybody you feel would be the right person(s) to learn and get inspired from.

I am happy to invite you to find the feeling of joy being who you are. I am on a mission to release this feeling in as many people and families/communities as possible, so we can create peace and happiness on our earth together. 

It starts with you! 

With love,